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Hiring the right real estate agent to assist with the purchase an investment property, can make or break your investment. Real estate investing is not as easy as it looks on TikTok and we’ve seen some investors make big mistakes. 

Most investors have access to financial tools and spreadsheets where you can plug in the numbers and get a potential return on investment, but there is more to the analysis than the straightforward numbers. Potential holding costs, rent values, long term
appreciation and a consideration of who the potential tenants is key to the success of any real estate investment.

Chris and Ellie began investing in real estate almost 20 years ago in a self-directed IRA. They never could have imagined then how real estate investing would change their lives, as well as the lives of their clients and even their kids! Owning real estate is the quickest way to build net worth, so owning multiple properties builds net worth faster than any high paying salary or 401k fund.

What sort of real estate agent tells a potential listing client NOT to sell their home? We do. When clients are ready to move up from their starter home, we encourage them (and teach them) to become landlords

How can we help you build wealth through real estate investing?


Property Mgmt Services

Property Management is another boutique service offered to our real estate investor clients in the Triangle Area. The influx of real estate investors in the Triangle Area, both large and small, inspired us to work with the small investor, looking to maximize their
monthly and long-term investments. Our clients are like us.

With years of property management experience, Chris and Ellie are experts in working with both landlords and tenants and have a team of trade professionals to address maintenance and repairs. We offer in-house handyman services as well, minimizing the
cost of small repairs for owners. Our owner clients can feel confident that their investment property, as well as their tenants, are well cared for throughout any lease.

Our listing services are focused on finding quality tenants for our landlord clients. All applicants are fully vetted and only qualified candidates are offered a lease. We utilize professional staging and photography, social media, individual listing sites, the Triangle
MLS, Zillow Rentals and other internet portals to attract the highest rents, the best tenants and the shortest vacancy. 

Please reach out to Chris, our investor expert, with any questions. We’d love to help you find the right investment property for your goals, and then help you manage that property to maximize that investment

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We pride ourselves in providing personalized solutions that bring our clients closer to their dream properties and enhance their long-term wealth. Contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance to you!