What to Do Now to Sell Next Year

What to Do Now to Sell Next Year

What to do now to sell my house next year

Homeowners who know that they will want to sell in the next year are smart to plan ahead and minimize the rush to prepare their home for marketing. Deferred maintenance, incomplete projects and general decluttering can be tackled over time. This reduces stress, saves money and ensures that every important item is completed prior to marketing their home.
Homeowners who begin early can make the right decisions about what to do, and more importantly, what not to do, in order to maximize their return on investment.

Planning Ahead

Depending on how long you’ve lived in a home might determine just how much work needs to be done in advance of selling. After years in the same home, all sorts of things get tucked away in the attic and in closets that you likely won’t need in the next home, so why move it?
Usually, there are some deferred maintenance items to do. There never seems enough time or urgency to get them done without a date on the calendar.
We regularly meet homeowners who are overwhelmed with the task of preparing to sell with a limited amount of time to get it all done. Planning ahead is a gift you can give to yourself now.


The task of “decluttering” with advance notice versus decluttering as part of the staging process is different. There’s no need to prepack photos, collectables, paperwork and personal items scattered around the house. The goal is to sort through the attic and closets to remove what is extra. When you file away this year’s tax returns, remember that you only need 7 years!
  • Do you have clothing that hasn’t been worn in years? 
  • Have your kid’s left behind trophies, toys, photos, books and clothing that they never intend to take with them?
  • Do you have supplies for a hobby or sport you have given up on? 
  • Have you saved bedding, towels, furniture, art, lamps or other décor that has been replaced with something new? Will you use it again? 
Many of these items and more can be donated, sold or thrown away leaving behind organized, spacious closets and storage rooms that appeal to buyers. The first step of staging will be complete!

Repairs & Updates

How many maintenance items have you left undone just because it doesn’t HAVE to be done now? Deferred maintenance usually costs more the longer you wait. Fix the rotten wood, chipped paint and broken window seals. Go ahead and patch holes and repair old water spots and settlement cracks around the house.
While you are at it, select updated, neutral paint colors that will help sell your home when the time comes. In the business of real estate, we refer to paint as “money in a can.” Paint can cure a lot of issues.
Is the carpet old and worn? Has the original sheet vinyl gotten stained or torn? Are the hardwood floors scratched up, worn down or otherwise damaged? Replace flooring now with neutral, quality finishes that you can enjoy now and will increase the value later.
Cosmetic updates are often taste specific and expensive, so many sellers prefer to let the new owner take that on, but strategic, minor updates can make a world of difference in the perceived value of a home. Paint and flooring are top priority, but lighting is magical, and you don’t realize it until the new fixtures are in place. Replacement of cabinet hardware, doorknobs and faucets are a little thing that make a big difference.
A larger investment in countertops and a tile backsplash should be considered based on the potential buyer and sale price of the home. Bathroom renovations can be very pricey, but even there, strategic updates take a home from dated to updated.

Home Staging

The next steps are what most people think of when Real Estate Agent talk about home staging. Pre-packing, furniture placement and strategic use of décor are much less daunting when the initial decluttering, repairs and updates are complete.

When it’s time to sell, pre-packing the personal photos, collectables, out of season clothing and special occasion items can be completed more easily.
Furniture placement can be adjusted from what makes sense for living to perfectly staged by moving some furniture around the house or moving some furniture to storage.
Are you considering a move but are not sure when? Do you have an empty nest and know that you will not stay in your home much longer? Start making plans now and I promise you will not only enjoy your home even more while you still live there but you will also be way ahead when it’s time to sell.
Reach out to us for an initial consultation on how to prepare for selling and moving. You don’t need to be ready to sell now but you be glad you are ready when its time.


For more information about staging and preparing your home for sale, check out our blog at UpStaging Designs. (link to UpStaging blog https://www.upstagingdesigns.com/blog )

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